Commercial Insurance The Connected Way


When your company applies for, renews, or restructures its commercial insurance program, you open up your business to a somewhat invasive process. With commercial insurance, that overwhelming sense of baring your soul is hard to escape.

You’ll have a kinder, gentler experience when you connect with commercial property and casualty insurers through an independent agent, broker, or consultant you already know and trust. They accept the formidable responsibility of making it a less stressful process for you and your company.

Connect with your company’s changing needs

It’s important to reassess your commercial insurance program at least once a year. That doesn’t always happen if your default mode is paying your deposit and earned premiums when the bills arrive. As long as you keep your account current and maintain an unremarkable loss ratio, your insurer has no incentive to make important changes that might benefit your company or reduce your insurance costs.

When you’re connected to your insurer through a trusted commercial insurance professional, you work with experts who work for you. Because they represent your interests, they recognize the value of an annual insurance review. It’s a proven method for getting to know you and your company. It gives them an opportunity to find new ways to address your specific needs.

Opportunities to connect with innovation

Fresh eyes can discover ways to connect your company with competitive insurers. They find alternatives and introduce your risk management staff to new and changing commercial insurance products and programs.

Looking at your company from a fresh perspective makes it easier to notice when your commercial insurance needs change. That can happen when you add to or decrease your workforce, market new products, or modify your operations.

As any change in your operations can increase (or decrease) your premium, it requires a simultaneous look at coverage adequacy and cost containment solutions. You can reexplore options such as deductibles, self-insured retention limits, or fully self-funded insurance programs with stop-loss policy options.

Make a good faith connection

The commercial insurance underwriting process examines and analyzes every aspect of your business inside and out. When you connect with an insurance consultant who is dedicated to looking out for your best interests, it allows you to enter the process with confidence, utmost good faith, and mutual trust. These are longstanding insurance traditions that are often missing these days.

Before an insurer issues your business policy, they look at every detail, taking nothing for granted. Engineers inspect your operations. Auditors comb through your employment records. Underwriters run Dun & Bradstreet and Business Credit reports. That’s the typical commercial insurance process. If your business is unique, such as a mining or oil operation, a transportation company, or a non-traditional business, few insurers will even accept your application. Your connection can pave the way to insurers who will.

Connect with a second opinion

Commercial insurance is a necessary tool. It protects your business from the risks it faces every day. While it’s important to look at other options, it’s understandable if you don’t. Once you’ve settled on a carrier, going through the process again can seem like an unnecessary burden.

It’s less of a burden when you have assistance. You can get a second opinion on your most important insurance issues.

  • Review your policies and limits
  • Look for coverages you don’t need
  • Recommend insurance products to manage new risks
  • Find new ways to manage and administer self-funded programs
  • Implement strategies to reduce your premiums

Connect with Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Products

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