keeping your workforce engaged

Keeping Your Workforce Engaged With Workplace Culture

keeping your workforce engaged

It’s impossible to overstate how vital keeping workers engaged is to your business. What’s more, you can increase revenue by 21% when your workplace attracts engaged employees. Engaged employees are committed to the company, leading to a massive jump in productivity. 

One way to foster engaged employees is to teach a workplace culture aimed at employee engagement. Read on for helpful tips on keeping your workforce engaged using workplace culture. 

1. Recognize Employees

The easiest way to boost employee morale and keep them engaged is to recognize and reward worker accomplishments. In the Gallup report above, 37% of employees mentioned that recognition was the most important reward for employment.

In addition, 91% of HR professionals believe rewarding and recognizing employee achievement will encourage employees to stay at that job. Some of the ways you could implement that include:

  • Monthly awards
  • Sales bonuses
  • Verbal and written praise
  • Plaques and trophies
  • Parties in honor of winners

2. Flexible Working Arrangements

For your company to retain its workforce and turn them into believers, include a flexible work-life balance. Flexible working arrangements enable employees to work when and where they are most productive. 

Forward-thinking businesses have embraced working from home, built on a culture of trust and understanding. A 2021 Gartner survey found that 43% of respondents noted flexible working arrangements made them more productive.

3. Create a Culture That Appreciates Employee Feedback

If your workplace is a stickler for rules and regulations, employees disengage because of feeling unheard, reducing employee engagement. A good workplace culture involves employees’ views in decision-making. It helps to employ an open-door policy.

As a Forbes report notes, employees are 4.6 times more likely to perform better at their work if they feel heard. Listening to employees makes them feel valued. Implementing feedback means teams can collaborate better and get the place running like a well-oiled machine. 

4. Conduct Stay Interviews

While many companies focus on exit interviews when employees leave, you can incorporate ‘stay interviews’ for employee retention. These interviews work best around the two-year mark when employees develop attrition and look for greener pastures.

You must keep employees engaged to retain talent as it can take $3,500 in turnover costs when hiring an employee that charges $8/hour. Use the stay interviews to identify issues that cause employee dissatisfaction and work towards addressing those problems. 

5. Document Your Company Culture 

The first step is to ensure that your company values, vision, and mission are clear to the management and other employees. Then, to ensure uniformity of purpose, define expectations for everyone involved.

You can present and distribute this information through email or by issuing an employee handbook. Involve your employees’ input to avoid rejection when executing the action plan. 

6. Set the Example

The attitude of the management is critical in determining employee engagement. Active management leads to engaged employees. A workplace culture that relies on the leadership as pacesetters are bound to thrive. 

When leaders ask their subordinates to do something, they should set an example by doing it themselves. That creates a ‘can-do’ attitude, improving engagement and performance. 

7. Support Career Advancement

Supporting employee training workshops for professional growth goes a long way towards keeping your workforce engaged. Employees feel part of the company’s future if the employer trains them, so they are 94% more likely to stay longer.

The great thing about on-the-job training is workers gain skills and knowledge to have the confidence to handle their jobs better, increasing work engagement. 

In addition, you should provide clear paths toward promotions, so workers know what they need to do to secure a promotion.

Final Words

Keeping your workforce engaged is not an overnight process. It needs patience, clear communication, and cooperation because there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to implement. The best way to use workplace culture to keep employees engaged includes rewards, career advancements, and allowing worker feedback. 

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