Connecticut's Choice For Cost-Conscious Healthcare Management

Our experienced Benefits Strategists help you explore the variables behind the rising cost of small business healthcare and the options available to contain further inflation.

Connecticut’s Choice For Cost-Conscious Healthcare Management

Concerned About The Cost Of Providing Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Benefits?

You’re not alone. The price of American healthcare has propositioned business owners with a difficult choice for several decades. You care about the well-being of your employees, but recent rises in group healthcare costs make supporting these types of insurance plans less and less feasible. With the stakes so high, there is no room for approximation. You want to avoid pitfalls by annually assessing your plan and ensuring it fulfills the unique needs of your employees. If you’re looking to maximize your organization’s investment in group insurance, Acrisure provides annual evaluations that will save you money and keep your company competitive.

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Are you offering employees resources to make them smarter health care consumers?

We provide the resources to help you properly educate your employees and empower them to become wiser health care consumers.



Have you discussed or researched alternate plan designs, like HSA, FSA or HRA?

Our Benefits Strategists have all the information that you need to fully understand alternate plan options and whether or not they can save your organization money. They will help you determine the type of plan that benefits your employees and is the right choice for your organization.

We Can Help Control Rising Health Care Costs

Health care costs have risen each year and are not projected to fall anytime soon. Total health insurance costs for employers could reach nearly $850 billion by the end of 2023, so it’s important that you evaluate your company’s health care plan design annually to make sure you are maximizing your investment and remain competitive in the workforce.

Download our free 2023 Benefits Benchmarking Survey to see how employers across the country are responding to rising health care costs. You’ll also receive a free Health Care Costs Scorecard to see if it’s time for your organization to reevaluate your health care plans.

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Only when we understand your company can we delivery meaningful insurance products and benefits. We get to know your business philosophy, your goals, and your objectives. Your unique business profile becomes our reference to help us build solutions that work for you and your employees

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Resourceful and Educated | Why Acrisure?

When you work with Acrisure, we give you more than just a yearly evaluation. We believe education is the key to creating smarter, more advantageous consumers. Healthcare consumption is no different. We provide your employees with critical resources that make them more informed healthcare beneficiaries so your business can best utilize its insurance plan.

Curious About Alternate Plans?

Our Healthcare Benefits Strategists are experts in their field. They know having a deep understanding of what you’re paying for is important. When you call us, we come equipped with all the information you need to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of your current plan while also exploring the potential gains of seeking alternate insurance.

Revolutionize Your Small Business’s Health Insurance Management

The costs of employer-sponsored healthcare aren’t projected to fall anytime soon. Don’t hesitate to take annual action on your current group insurance plan starting today. When you call Acrisure you take a vital step towards guaranteeing your healthcare coverage is right for both your employees and your budget.

 Let Us Contain Your Costs

We would love to get to know your business, insurance concerns, and goals. Contact us today for a complimentary Benefits/Services Review. Together we can solidify simple employee-benefits solutions and reap measurable results.

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Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Tony Chandler and staff at the Health Consultants Group for many years now. Their benefit offerings and customer service are really great. They get to know their clients and work hard to cover all of our needs. We would highly recommend their services!”


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“Using HCG is the single most cost and time-saving decision I’ve made in my 30 years of running a business of over 100 employees. They are the best.”


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Are your health care offerings competitive for your industry?

Let us help you create a benchmark report to illuminate exactly how your organization and its health plan offering compare to your competitors’. 

Has it been over a year since your last health care audit?

A lot can change in a year. We offer a complimentary Benefit Plan review and will develop a strategy that saves you time and your organization money.

Are you concerned about the rising cost of providing employer-sponsored health care benefits?
 It’s no secret that the price of health care in the United States has increased over the past several decades. Our resources will help you explore the reasons for the rising cost of health care, and help you create a cost-containment strategy at your organization.

Do you want more information on health care consumerism or other cost-saving strategies?
Employers are becoming more proactive in instituting strategies and programs to reduce overall health care costs. Review our benchmarking data, educational articles and plan design options to learn about your organization’s options to manage costs.

Are your employees wise health care consumers? 
Low health literacy often results in higher utilization of expensive health services like emergency care and inpatient visits, the costs of which add up quickly. Empower your employees to take charge of their health care. We have the resources to educate your employees on health care consumerism—and save you money.

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