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What can a captive insurer do for your company?

What can a captive insurer do for your company?

What can captive insurance do for your company? Captive insurance is a viable alternative to traditional insurance. It’s not for everyone as it involves establishing an actual insurance company to handle your claims. A captive insurer is a form of self-insurance but...

Why your Employee Benefits Handbook is worth the effort

Why your Employee Benefits Handbook is worth the effort

Why your Employee Benefits Handbook is worth the effort When your employee starts the first day of a new job, the onboarding paperwork can easily dampen their enthusiasm. New employees must complete tax forms, payroll or direct deposit forms, emergency contact...

Does a PEO force you to give up control of your business?

Does a PEO force you to give up control of your business?

Does a PEO force you to give up control of your business? If you’ve investigated group health insurance alternatives, you’ve probably heard of Professional Employment Organizations. PEOs manage your employee payroll, tax withholding, benefits, and...

Understanding New Insurance Options

Understanding New Insurance Options

Understanding New Insurance Options Employee Benefits Options Health insurance products have been the same since... well since forever. Small companies purchased group health insurance plans. Deep-pocket Corporations self-insured employee health care risks. These...

What Are Your Employee Insurance Needs?

What Are Your Employee Insurance Needs?

Employee Benefit Needs Review Does your company invest in the same employee insurance program year after year? It's time to step back, reevaluate, and measure its relevance to your employee benefit needs. Workers come and go. They age into retirement and younger...

Do Your Employee Benefits Measure Up?

Benefits are more than just benefits. They’re the competitive edge that entices the best of the best to join your team. We help you design employer solutions that measure up to the competition and to your own expectations.
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Client Testimonials

“…Had an absolutely fantastic visit today from your wellness team. Best one yet! Only 4 employees opted out of the screenings, and only 1 (and an owner) did not attend the Lunch and Learn presentation. They were wonderful, and I am hearing lots of buzz among the employees about implementing some of the suggestions they had for a healthier lifestyle. Enthusiasm is definitely up! Thanks for arranging it for us, I even have one of the guys (who seriously needs to see a dr per his results) calling to set up his appt by the end of the day today. This may seem like a small benefit to you, but I honestly think that in some cases it has been life-saving!”


Southbridge, MA

“Once again Teresa has come through!! I needed a COBRA form to send out to employees. I didn’t know we were supposed to be doing that, she got me the form immediately. As long as she has been working with our company I have always been able to count on her. I know that she will get me the answers I need or guide me in the right direction. Not only that, she always responds ASAP whether I call her and leave a message or send email I always get a quick response. I value and appreciate all her help and I just wanted to let you know that I think she is great!”


Preston, CT

“…Many thanks for your help over the years – the relationship with your firm has been a pleasure. I have directed companies for more then 40 years and experienced Prudential, Aetna, original HMOs and a myriad of others including working direct with Blue Cross in the early years. You and your company took away all the pain of those early days and we appreciate it.”


Waterbury, CT

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