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7 Effective Ways to Reduce Group Health Insurance Plans

7 Effective Ways to Reduce Group Health Insurance Plans

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2020 hourly earnings were up 7.5% for the year ending in April 2020. Employers are willing to pay workers more these days, a sign that hiring is getting increasingly competitive.  What's one of the best ways to attract...

6 Ways Employee Wellness Ideas Reduce Your Healthcare Cost

6 Ways Employee Wellness Ideas Reduce Your Healthcare Cost

Healthcare costs are one of the biggest financial headaches for most companies in the United States. The U.S. pays more in healthcare than any other developed nation (by about double!) and doesn't even produce the best health outcomes. So, how can we reduce healthcare...

What Is A Group Health Plan And What Should You Include?

What Is A Group Health Plan And What Should You Include?

Employees seek employers they can work for on a long-term basis if the benefits meet their needs. Workers desire more than just money to stick around. One important benefit businesses should include is a group health plan. What is a group health plan and what will it...

How to Choose Health Care Insurance for Small Business Employees

How to Choose Health Care Insurance for Small Business Employees

Are you an employer looking to find the perfect healthcare plan for your company? It might seem challenging to figure out, but all you need is useful information. Even if you found some options on your local government website, it might not be up to date or provide...

Controlling Your Self-Insured Exposure With Stop Loss Insurance

Controlling Your Self-Insured Exposure With Stop Loss Insurance

As a self-insured company, stop loss insurance reinforces your commitment to pay your own claims. Choosing to self-insure your company's loss exposures isn't an easy decision. It usually comes after a diligent annual risk management review. Each year you identify your...

Do Your Employees Need Critical Illness Coverage?

Do Your Employees Need Critical Illness Coverage?

When your employee makes a decision about insurance benefits, it’s usually based on a perceived need and coverage availability. Employees might not understand the need for critical illness insurance the way they understand the need for health and life insurance....

Health Care Technology That Meets Employee Expectations?

Health Care Technology That Meets Employee Expectations?

A flexible health insurance program helps you attract and retain employees. Now, more than ever, health care technology is an essential key to meeting employee expectations. Technology is an integral part of practically every business task. Employees expect comparable...

Does your company need a Section 125 Administrator?

Does your company need a Section 125 Administrator?

Businesses have had access to Cafeteria Plans since Congress passed “The Revenue Act of 1978.” The plans have clear advantages, but they also create paperwork, tax-compliance problems, and administrative issues. A Section 125 Administrator provides consultation...

Do Your Employee Benefits Measure Up?

Benefits are more than just benefits. They’re the competitive edge that entices the best of the best to join your team. We help you design employer solutions that measure up to the competition and to your own expectations.
From Our Customers

Client Testimonials

We’ve been working with you and your team for many years. There are countless agencies out there, constantly knocking on our door looking for our business, none of which have been able to provide the service you and your team have. Our overall concern has remained your overall concern: your ability to provide our associates with quality healthcare benefits at affordable prices.
In the ever-changing healthcare environment you remain knowledgeable about the healthcare field and the different options as they may become available to us, recommending some than disqualifying others. The depth of your patience, the transparency of information, is very comforting.
Your services after the sale does not dissipate either. The care and concern continue after the ink is dry and the check is cashed. If I haven’t said it before please allow me to say it now. Thank you.

Lane Resnik

General Manager
Suburban Subaru
Tyler Vartenigian has been our health insurance agent for four years. We are a small company, not a big account by any means, but he does not make me feel small or less important than his other clients; Tyler has always been available to answer any question we may have. Our renewal information is timely and I am able to present to my boss and figure out what we will be doing for the next year with adequate time for Tyler to finalize the paperwork for our employees and schedule some kind of informational meeting. He has taken the time over these years to get to know our company as well as some of the specific individuals and their needs. This has permitted a better fit with available plans and options. Continuity with one agent has definitely given our organization a better experience and product to offer our employees.

Robyn Beausoleil

Archaeological and Historical Services
The Key Hyundai dealership families have been a client of Anthony Renzoni and his firm, The Health Consultant Group for many years now. They helped us develop our own health plan that is self-funded and then eliminated excessive administrative costs that were passed on by the large health insurance companies. They also helped us save quite a bit by setting us up with the most effective PPO, third-party administrator, and pharmacy benefit manager. 
Anthony and HCG have helped us obtain substantial savings through their due diligence and claims analysis as well. We have always received attentive and personalized support from their team that has helped us maintain a very competitive benefit plan. I would strongly recommend Anthony Renzoni and the HCG team – they have been one of our strongest business partners. Their advice, resources, and service has been invaluable.

Jeffery Merriam

Key Hyundai

As our broker and advisor for employee benefits, Tony Renzoni of the Health Consultants Group and his team have demonstrated their expertise, commitment, and dedication to Mercedes-Benz of New London for over 10 years. 

Tony and his team have guided and assisted us in many renewals and open enrollments for our group health insurance. They have done this through a consistently volatile landscape with both, fully insured health options as well as self-funding. Both have allowed us to control cost without sacrificing coverage. By using their analytics as well as their relationships and leverage with the market they will always seek out the best pricing.

Jeffery Aiosa

“…Had an absolutely fantastic visit today from your wellness team. Best one yet! Only 4 employees opted out of the screenings, and only 1 (and an owner) did not attend the Lunch and Learn presentation. They were wonderful, and I am hearing lots of buzz among the employees about implementing some of the suggestions they had for a healthier lifestyle. Enthusiasm is definitely up! Thanks for arranging it for us, I even have one of the guys (who seriously needs to see a dr per his results) calling to set up his appt by the end of the day today. This may seem like a small benefit to you, but I honestly think that in some cases it has been life-saving!”


Southbridge, MA

“Once again Teresa has come through!! I needed a COBRA form to send out to employees. I didn’t know we were supposed to be doing that, she got me the form immediately. As long as she has been working with our company I have always been able to count on her. I know that she will get me the answers I need or guide me in the right direction. Not only that, she always responds ASAP whether I call her and leave a message or send email I always get a quick response. I value and appreciate all her help and I just wanted to let you know that I think she is great!”


Preston, CT

“…Many thanks for your help over the years – the relationship with your firm has been a pleasure. I have directed companies for more then 40 years and experienced Prudential, Aetna, original HMOs and a myriad of others including working direct with Blue Cross in the early years. You and your company took away all the pain of those early days and we appreciate it.”


Waterbury, CT

“I am writing to tell you what a great job Cecelia Delude is doing. She has helped me and my wife with our health insurance needs.

She is very professional. It is comforting to know we can rely on her and your Health Consultants Group.”

Gerard and Sandra DeCormier.

“Thank you very much!! I was just getting so many different views on this and I want to do everything right! I really appreciate you taking the time to investigate for me, and that’s exactly why I blow off the other Brokers!! THANK YOU!!”


“We’ve been a customer for over 20 years of the Health Consultants team. Over the years Tony, Karen, Kathy & Melissa have provided our company with excellent service and a great resource.

If they couldn’t answer a question they would go above and beyond to find the answer.”

Elaine M. Dumas
W.S. Anderson Assoc. Inc.

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