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You want the best new insurance products for your workforce, but your time is too limited to learn a new language. Insurance can seem like that sometimes. You want policies, choices, and simple explanations. You get concepts, acronyms, and trendy jargon that nudges you into default mode. So you stick with familiar policies and give your employees the same old options.

Our team is experienced enough to offer a different approach. We understand that it’s not your job to know what we know, so we work hard to remove the confusion from your benefits selection process. We want you to feel comfortable with the insurance products you choose so we explain them with clear, concise language. We keep the process simple, informative, and as jargon-free as possible.

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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare insurance products offer benefits that are important to both the employee and the employer that has a vested interest in their recovery.

Healthcare Insurance Options

Employers come in all shapes and sizes. So do insurance plans. We offer customizable programs to fit the financial and benefit needs of your organization.


As you or your employees look towards retirement, we can assist with the transition to Medicare and the choice of options.

Income Protection
Short-term and Long-term Disability insurance policies reimburse lost wages due to non-work related disabilities.
Family Protection
Group & Individual Life insurance plans provide a lump sum benefit to the surviving family when an employee dies. We also offer optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) policies and Group & Individual Long Term Care Plans that pay benefits when death or certain accidental injuries occur outside the workplace.
Special Group Plans
Our team sets up special group insurance plans for Associations and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). We negotiate with insurance carriers to offer the best rates to these large groups.
Voluntary & Specialty Products
Voluntary benefits are coverages and products made available to employees for elective purchase. As well as their contribution to an employee’s work-life balance, voluntary benefits are becoming a central component of many companies’ overall benefits strategies.

Commercial Property and Casualty

Sub Insurance Lines

Through our agency partners, HGC is able to provide a wide variety of Transportation solutions to meet your unique needs. As experienced professionals we understand the risks for your business and pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions.
Public Livery - Taxi & Limo
As a part of HGC, our agency partners possess the market knowledge and expertise to offer solutions to complex situations and transportation needs. By utilizing a variety of resources we are able to provide specific solutions for the unique needs of our customers.
Bus & Shuttle
As part of the Bus & Shuttle industry, HGC understands that your vehicles are critical components to the success of your business. Our agency partners possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to give all of our clients the coverage they need.
Credit Insurance
Through our specialty Agency Partner, HGC is able to provide you with Credit Insurance to protect you against bad debt, to help you increase sales safely, and to enhance your bank borrowing relationship.
Medical Malpractice
Through our agency partners, HGC is able to provide a wide variety of professional risk management solutions to meet your unique needs. As experienced professionals we understand the risks for your business and pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions.
HGC has the ability to help you manage the risks of manufacturing and supply chain distribution through our ability to generate innovative insurance solutions. Our industry expertise allows us to provide you with the exact coverage you need, which in turn allows you to focus on your business operations.
Customers depend on retail stores for many things, and you can depend on HGC and our agency partners to find the solutions and protection needed to prepare for the possibility of something going wrong.
Non-Profits / Human Services
HGC has the ability to help protect you from the threats and claims that could potentially put your business in danger. Our diverse list of agency partners allow us to provide many solutions to match your coverage needs.
Through our agency partners we have the industry knowledge to help navigate through all of your staffing needs. We understand the risks associated with the industry and can provide innovative staffing insurance solutions.
Real Estate
Our experience in the Real Estate industry allows us to find numerous insurance solutions while helping our customers mitigate risk. We monitor the trends in the industry to ensure that we are able to deliver competitive solutions to our clients.
Mining & Metals
Our agency partners have the knowledge needed to navigate the risks to the mining & metals industry. We have the ability to come up with innovative solutions designed to meet our clients specific needs.
Marine / Cargo
HGC’s agency partners will assist you in minimizing risk by tailoring your marine insurance so that you are fully covered. We have the ability to tailor your insurance based on the coverage you need both on land or sea.
Life Sciences
HGC is able to provide expertise and develop insurance solutions tailored directly to the needs of our clients in various life science fields. Our experience ensures we have the knowledge required to provide our clients with a proper risk management strategy and an innovative insurance solution catered to their specific and unique needs.
Hotels & Lodging
Through our agency partners HGC has the capability to provide hotel and lodging insurance to our clients. Using our expertise, we are able to provide hotel insurance that offers protection coverage for owners and managers of Hotels, Resorts, Motels and more.
HGC is able to provide quality hospitality insurance through the innovative solutions of our agency partners. Our understanding of our clients unique requirements allows us to find competitive solutions designed to meet their needs.
HGC agency partners vast experience in the fitness industry allows them to build tailored insurance programs for our clients. The ability to create these specialized plans allows to continue to ensure our clients satisfaction.
Financial institutions
Through our agency partners, HGC is able to provide comprehensive and immediate solutions specific to the finance industry. Our experience in the industry gives us the ability to develop these solutions based on the unique needs of our clients.
Our experience in the energy industry has given us the familiarity with the extreme risks our clients are faced with. This experience allows us the avenues necessary to provide the creative solutions that meet the needs of our customers
Oil & Gas
Through our agency partners we are able to provide competitive oil & gas solutions that can match your particular needs. Our experience in the industry increases our ability to evaluate your needs and determine the coverage that works best for your particular needs.
The construction industry is extremely competitive and it is imperative the needs of our clients are meant. That’s why our agency partners closely monitor the industry trends and generate innovative solutions based on the specific needs of our clients.
Agriculture / Agribusiness
Through our agency partners expertise HGC is able to provide comprehensive insurance solutions for a variety farms in the industry. Regardless of the size of your operation we possess the ability to monitor trends in the industry and meet the specific needs.
Architects & Engineers
Through our agency partners, we are able to provide our clients with competitive solutions based on the needs of our clients. Our ability to provide innovative solutions allows us the ability to meet the needs of our most complex situations.
Our experience in protecting the legal community allows us to devise innovative solutions for our clients. It is of the utmost importance to us that we constantly understand the challenges our clients face in an ever-changing profession in order to provide them the unique coverage they need.
Through our agency partners, HGC is able to provide the comprehensive insurance solutions you need in a fast changing profession. Our experience in the accounting field allows us to develop innovative coverage options in order to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Complimentary Benefits/ Services Review

We are always here to talk because your business is different from any other. Only when we understand your company can we deliver meaningful insurance products and benefits. We get to know your business philosophy, your goals, and your objectives. Your unique business profile becomes our reference to help us build solutions that work for you and your employees. Call Our Toll Free Customer Service Line (800)367-2482 or fill out the form and we'll get right back to you.

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