Uncomplicate the Workplace

Workplace issues can seem inherently complex even if you’re a long-term HR professional. Employee actions trigger concerns over privacy, compliance, and physical or emotional injuries. Legal and financial details require professional attention. In managing these complicated issues, HR administrators and their employers may require specialized professional advice and services.

We created our line of Signature Services to provide access to professionals to uncomplicate workplace situations. We offer many assistance programs as value-added client benefits and others at a fair market price.

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Accounting & Financial Auditing Partners
Financial experts to review and analyze your financial data.
Benefit Administration
We help make your HR tasks easier with Customized Employee Handbook & Benefit Booklets, custom Employee Benefit Statements, and Educational Seminars & Webinars
HR Consulting Partners
An HR expert will answer your questions and provide guidance. Additional for-fee services include Executive Coaching, Virtual HR Department Management, Targeted workshops, COBRA Administration Partners consultation, and others.
Remote-access healthcare consultations reduce healthcare costs and minimize adverse injury outcomes caused by failure to seek treatment.

As members of the National Association of Health Underwriters, our brokers are deeply involved in regulatory issues in Washington, D.C., Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our expertise in all areas of employee benefit governance is insurmountable, allowing us to keep our clients compliant with every offered program.

Flexible payroll management services give you more time to connect with customers and employees.

What Services do You Need to Uncomplicate Your Workplace?

Complimentary Benefits/ Services Review

We are always here to talk because your business is different from any other. Only when we understand your company can we deliver meaningful insurance products and benefits. We get to know your business philosophy, your goals, and your objectives. Your unique business profile becomes our reference to help us build solutions that work for you and your employees. Call Our Toll Free Customer Service Line (800)367-2482 or fill out the form and we'll get right back to you.

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